Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tutorial #1 Using "Levels" to effortlessly adjust images in Photoshop

When I am struggling to capture the perfect image at work, I am always grateful to know that it can be improved upon quickly and easily using Adobe Photoshop. Whilst it is obviously unethical to alter or retouch images to deceive the audience regarding the quality of my work*, sometimes it is nice to be able to rescue dubious pictures taken in a rush at the chairside. This adjustment takes less than 30 seconds and can drastically improve the final appearance of your images:

First, open up Adobe Photoshop and load your image:

Next, enter the "Levels" option window by clicking on Image>Adjustments>Levels...

The Levels window will pop up, which will reveal a histogram. Drag the black arrow slightly further to the right hand side, and the white arrow slightly to the left hand side to the point at which the histogram ends.

Click "OK" and finally save your image.

There we go, hope that helps someone!
(* Always keep your original RAW Files)
Next time: Adjustment Layers

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